Tuesday 27 November 2012

The Discipline of the Examen

I've just got home from my first session of our "Waiting on God" Advent series. I have been amazed by the interest in this series. We have three groups meeting through the week for the four weeks leading up to Christmas. This is not your usual study series, as we are not studying the Bible as such. Instead we are exploring and experiencing a different spiritual practice of St Ignatius each week. There is some learning about the practice and then we experience using it.

Tonight, we looked at the Examen. I expected some people to find the practice too prescriptive or analytical, but I was wrong. The people who came along tonight loved the practice and have said that they are going to try it through the week. I am looking forward to hearing how they went.

We discussed the importance of routine and discipline in life. This is something I am not too good at. I have never been particularly self-disciplined. I get things done, but often need a bit of pressure imposed by  deadlines or my own expectations of myself. 

I remember someone asking me when I was a teenager, "How's your relationship with God going?" My polite response was, "Good thanks", but I recall thinking it was none of their business. I am at the age now where I am asking myself that question. The Examen is a way of doing this daily in a disciplined way. I am looking forward to exploring Lectio divina next week.

If you would like to hear more about our "Waiting on God" series let me know.

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