Monday 3 December 2012

It's Moving Week!!

You could say life is little chaotic right now. I am sitting in my lounge room that has boxes half packed all around me, trying to remain calm. We are now in Advent, a very busy time of the year for those who have chosen my vocation. Carols services, Christmas services, Advent study series and activities winding up for the year all need my attention. My kids have dance concerts, Christmas parties, presentation days, swimming carnivals and homework to finish. In some ways, there could not be a more crazy time to move house. 

In many ways, however, it could not be more fitting. As a family, we are about to cross another threshold together. We are starting another chapter in our new home. There are rooms to paint, vege patches to grow, and many projects to get started on. We are about to start creating our new home together. It will be a place where memories are made and much will be shared.

Advent is a time of expectation, hope and anticipation. Unfortunately, with children, this anticipation is often surrounding the much awaited presents of Christmas Day. I am grateful that this year there is a distraction. The anticipation is about our new chapter in our life. The hope is about what this will mean for our family and the expectation is of many special time ahead. It will be a time that is life giving and transformational. This is what many people live in anticipation of - the life giving change that the coming of Christ can be bring.

I'm not sure how many reflections I will manage to put on the blog over the next week. It could be a crazy time, but there will be many stories to tell once I am sitting in the lounge of our new place surrounded by half packed boxes.

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