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A Mandala a Month Workbook

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Companioning at the Edges: Exploring New Dimensions of Spiritual Direction in Australia

Included in this collection of essays is an essay I wrote titled "Stepping Out of Too Tight Shoes: Companioning Women on the Edge of the Church".

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Spiritual Direction in Australia: Research and Practice

Included in this edited book is an essay I wrote titled "Women on the Edge of the Church: Spiritual Companions Across Historical borders".

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Books that I Love

 'An Altar in the World' 
by Barbara Brown Taylor

This is a beautiful book that outlines twelve spiritual practices that are earthy and grounded. Each practice is illustrated with stories from Barbara's life. It is a humble sharing. Brown Taylor does not claim to have all the answers. She speaks openly and honestly about her struggles and weaknesses in her own spiritual journey. A beautiful and thoughtful read!!

 'The Mandala Book: Patterns of the Universe' 
by Lori Bailey Cunningham

Gives a great overview of mandalas as they are found in the natural world, as they are used in spiritual traditions and how they can be used by individuals. Beautiful pictures and very comprehensive. A great introduction to mandalas.

'The Cup of Life: A Guide for Spiritual Growth'
by Joyce Rupp
'Open the Door: A Journey to the True Self'
by Joyce Rupp

Both of these books are wonderful reflections for the inner world.
Using the images of the cup and the door, Joyce Rupp guides the 
reader through a daily reflection that aims to take us deeper. I found both of these books extremely helpful at the time I used them. They are, however, the type of book that I will use again at 
another stage in life and will learn something new again about myself.
Highly recommended!

'The Sacred Art of Listening: Forty Reflections for Cultivating a Spiritual Practice'
by Kay Lindahl

This is a beautiful book that explore the different aspects of listening. Each chapter provides a reflection, some points to think about and a beautiful mandala and phrase based on the theme. this is a great book for grabbing that last minute devotion.

'Wildflower Journey Prayers'
by Jacinta Shailer

This is a stunning book of prayers and meditations which celebrate the Australian environment. The book is divided giving morning and evening prayers that use beautiful imagery and evocative language. The gorgeous photos are an added bonus. Western Australia is especially showcased!!

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