I wouldn't call myself a poet, but I use poetry to try and express some of my inmost feelings and struggles. I offer them, not as works of art, but as connection points where others may find resonance with their own experience.

The Call of the Well - a poem reflecting on my own spiritual journey
A Kiss of Delight - a reflection I wrote many years ago about my spiritual grounding.
Rachel - A poem reflecting on being a midwife of change.
A Lament from the Understorey - a prayer about power and leadership
Unbind - a poem and reflection based on the raising of Lazarus
Enough - a poem about frustrations with the church
Silence - a poem about the importance of silence and stillness in our lives
Beyond the Rainbow - a poem putting myself into the story of The Wizard of Oz
Stagnant Puddles - a poem about yearning for life and something deeper
Under the Chapel - a poem written at New Norcia about prayer
The Dark Night - a poem about the experience of being in the dark night
The Fall - a poem about falling and finding wholeness
Autumn Leaves - a poem about endings and new beginnings

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