Thursday 25 August 2016

Stagnant Puddles

Not exactly dressed for beach combing
but still the rock pools call,
"Come and find life".
What is there amongst these stagnant puddles
where my unadventurous boots dare to tread?
A momentary shower of bubbles
- someone is home.
A flash of light, a glimpse of a darting fish.
An unusual tugging on some kelp
reveals the tiny claws of a crab. 
(I'm not sure why I don't like crabs.)
Tiny transparent crustaceans
dare to emerge from the dark,
but if I move too quickly
they are gone. 
Oh hidden life,
life reluctant to be exposed,
of what are you afraid?
The water moves,
but oh so slowly,
as you wait for the tides to change.
Meanwhile, the sea roars behind me.
Deeper waters beckon. 

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