Thursday 20 October 2016

Under the Chapel

I have just returned from the Ministers' Retreat in New Norcia. The theme of the retreat was Jesus as Teacher. One of the reflection times was focussed on the topic of prayer. As well as a screed of thoughts, ranting and wonderings - this reflection emerged.

Under the Chapel

As I sit here pondering prayer;
it's point, it's purpose,
the pious parade passes
towards midday prayer.
I have chosen to be under the chapel,
within earshot,
an outside observer.
Footsteps approach and fade
on the weathered wood.
I close my eyes in the sun.
The chants begin 
like a warm fragrance,
muffled enough that the words
cannot rob the beauty.
the birds,
the wind in the trees
and the passing traffic
are part of the chorus.
I am thankful for those 
in the chapel;
their commitment,
their duty,
but I have no need to be there.
I am here,
under the chapel;
my eyes open,
my ears attuned.
I am at prayer.

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