Wednesday 14 October 2015


Silence is that point of hesitation
   where I peer into the light of my own reflection,
   where all becomes clear and my ambition melts away.
Silence is the hush before I breathe deeply
   and fill my lungs - no space left empty.
Silence is not the absence of noise
   but my choice to enter my own stillness - and be.
Silence is my soul's night time,
   a dark void to rest my weary spirit.
Silence is my sabbath where I realise
   I have been walking towards my own shadow
   and gently turn my face to the light.
Silence is not a space for sending forth new shoots,
   but for sinking roots deep.
Silence is a healing space,
   a balm for deep wounds
   and a knife to hidden scars.
Silence is not safe,
   a vulnerable opening for winds of change
   and exposing light to the dark corners.
Silence is .... transformation. 

1 comment:

  1. oh,thank you. I think I will keep this for use as an invitation into silence, intentional, prayerful, silence. thank you.