Sunday 1 May 2016

Beyond the Rainbow

For the last few days I have been at the Sacred Edge Festival at Queenscliff Uniting Church in Victoria. How I came to be here is another story, and there are many I could tell from my time over the weekend. For now, allow me to share one small, personal reflection. Yesterday, I went to a poetry workshop led by Padraig O'Tuama. It was far too short, but reignited my passion for being poetic with words. 

We were encouraged to reflect on an inherited text. It could be anything, but a story that had impacted on us in some way. I chose The Wizard of Oz. For me, it is a magical story that expresses so much about life's journey. We were asked to reflect for a moment on where our story had connected with this inherited text. I struggled a little, coming up with philosophical statements about the journey of life and the people we meet along the way. Other than choosing it as a theme for my 40th birthday, I wasn't able to come up with any tangible connection. 

That night, we had a Persian feast and entertainment. The final song for the evening was Over the Rainbow performed by The Deadly Duo. I imagined that, perhaps, this had all been secretly orchestrated for my benefit. My chosen inherited text was gifted to me, wrapped in mystery and love. And there was the connection. The impact of the experience of Sacred Edge and the year that has led to this point was the touchstone with The Wizard of Oz. The thoughts flowed freely now and here is the result. 

Beyond the Rainbow

As a young girl
I dreamt of distant lands,
places over the rainbow
where bluebirds sang lullabies. 
I would sit comfortably
on the fence and dream...
and dream. 

One dawn, 
I opened my eyes
and I was far from home.
The journey began
one yellow brick at a time;
a road of hope,
a road of new songs
and new friends.
Not my own road,
but for any sojourner
wishing to seek out mysterious lands.

We will compose 
our pilgrim songs together.
Words and tunes
of courage, of fear,
of hopes and dreams,
of laughter and tears.
And the dreamy song
from the fence, of the rainbow
is left behind
for I am there.

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  1. Inspiring, creative thoughts - ideal images, Cathie. Thank you. May the poems keep emerging