Wednesday 12 December 2012

A New House!

Well, we have officially moved into our new house. Our lives seem surrounded by boxes of varying sizes and shapes with mysterious contents. Gradually, we are tackling one box at a time and finding a new home for the contents. You would think that the process would be easy. This box came from the dining room, so it gets put in the dining room in the new place. The trouble is, our new house has a completely different configuration of rooms with different storage capabilities to our old place. In many ways, unpacking the boxes is like developing a whole new filing system. Where is going to be the most effective place for these items to be kept in light of this whole new context we are living in? 

During my training for ministry, a high priority was put on theological reflection. Some people found the process tiresome or difficult, but it always came quite naturally to me. I guess this blog is like a continuous theological reflection on life. In theological reflection we are encouraged to reflect on events of our own life in light of the bigger story. New insights and understandings can emerge from these reflections which need to be integrated into our own story. I find it sad that some people have amazing experiences in life, but they are not challenged to change or be transformed as a result. 

I have moved house physically a few times now. I seem to be more experienced at moving spiritual home, however. There is still rearranging to be done. There are still boxes that need to be packed and unpacked. Sometimes items find new homes. Sometimes things need to be thrown out. Moving spiritual home is not a physically demanding, but can be just as stressful and time consuming. 

We currently don't have internet or phone connections at our new place. In many ways this is a blessing. When we have those times of transition in our spiritual journey it is also helpful to disconnect the phone. We wouldn't dream of moving house without taking some time to allow this to happen. Why would we do anything less when making a spiritual shift?

I wonder how many "spiritual" boxes you have lying around your home. Maybe this Advent and Christmas time might be a good time to open some of the lids and reflect on where the contents might fit. Happy unpacking!!

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