Tuesday 6 November 2012

Towards Wholeness

I mentioned last week that I was attending a workshop to help me identify the principles by which I wanted to live my life. It was a great day. We began by becoming aware of the aspects of our lives that have shaped us. We discussed our family backgrounds and the principles that we may have received from them. We recalled inspirational people and places in our life.

The next part of the workshop had us reading the principles that other individuals and groups have written. It became evident that most of these were contextual. I found myself wondering what my context might be. Should I develop principles in my working ministry, or to guide my relationships or maybe something else?

We were asked to spend some time simply writing words that came to mind about how we would like to live. It very quickly became obvious that my context was about continuing my own journey to wholeness. What were the fundamental truths in my life and how would they effect my living? And so the principles I came up with were those that I need to keep at the fore of my mind if I am to keep striving to become more whole. 

These principles are very personal to me. Some I find easier than others. Some are included because the list would not be complete without them. Others are built-in as constant reminders of the areas in life with which I constantly struggle. You may be able to identify with some and others you might wonder why they are in my list and not others. My hope is that they will become more than just words on paper. I need to make them part of my daily practice of grounding myself.

So I share what I came up with not to inspire you to stick to them as well, but maybe to inspire you to think about your own principles. And maybe you can hold me accountable every now and then too!!

Principles for Moving Towards Wholeness

All of life is good and sacred.
I choose to seek the Divine in all things.

Life is a mystery and that I will never be able to fully grasp or understand.
I choose to rest in the mystery.

My calling is to be true to the person I was created to be.
I choose to live with integrity.

All people have the ability to love and to harm.
I choose to love.

Pain and suffering are part of life and the journey to wholeness.
I choose to honour my woundedness.

Transformation and wholeness are gifts available to all.
I choose to be a light in dark places.

All people are born to be in relationship.
I choose to be vulnerable and allow others to touch my life.

Each new experience we have, person we meet or place we visit moulds and shapes us.
I choose to begin each day with new eyes.

The Divine chooses to be incarnate.
I choose to live an embodied life.

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  1. beautiful. may God bless you richly as you live into and out of these choices.