Sunday 18 November 2012

Chaos and Order

Today's readings were a challenge for me. I nearly rejected them to take on something a little more palatable, however, I'm glad I stuck with them. The readings from Daniel and Mark are both considered apocalyptic literature - a revelation of the end times. I don't think I'm unusual in wanting to avoid these strange texts that give us very few answers, just lots of questions.

The question I found myself asking was how I deal with the chaos in life. Often we impose an order over our chaos which masks the pain and suffering. Creating our own certainties helps us to cope with the uncertainties of life. If you'd like to read how the message turned out click here.

There's nothing like a touch of reality to make a message more real. We seem to be living in chaos at the moment as we prepare to move house in a couple of weeks. And to top it off, we turn up to church and my son proceeds to vomit everywhere. God has a funny sense of humour. Want to talk about dealing with chaos? I'll give you a bit of chaos.

As it turns out, it seems that most people can relate to trying to find a balance between chaos and order. There are times when order is important, but reality is we cannot order all of the chaos in life. We must learn to live with it.

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