Thursday 8 November 2012

A Journey with Eva

I had the privilege today to share my journey home from Augusta with Eva. She was waiting on the side of the road, so I pulled over and asked where she needed to be. I am usually wary of hitchhikers. Its an unfortunate result of today's world; we are never sure who we can trust or whether we will be safe. Funnily enough, Eva shared the same thing. She didn't usually hitch, but was having faith that the right person would pull over and be able to give her a lift.

And so, two cautious travelers shared the half hour journey back to Margaret River. It began with the usual chit chat where we shared what had brought us to the point of taking this road at this time of the day. We talked philosophy, theology, sustainability and much more. The role of women in the world and in the church and in the surf was pondered. We agreed the world was out of balance. She quoted an inspirational piece of poetry, and I finished the stanza. We lamented the inflexibility and exclusivity of much of the church. I spoke to Eva with such honesty and passion about life and love and God. She was not a church goer, but we certainly had a common understanding about our spiritual lives.

I felt sorry that the journey was not much longer. I found Eva easier to talk to about much deeper topics than some of my close friends. I have heard people tell stories of hitchhikers who mysteriously disappear into thin air. People have pondered whether these people may have been angels in disguise. I have no doubt that Eva was a real, flesh and blood person. She certainly didn't vanish before my eyes. But something gave her the compulsion to decide to hitch. Something gave me the courage to stop. And something was certainly moving between us in our conversation. Unexpected moments like these are certainly "angel's blessings" in our lives.

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  1. On the last Christmas Day I had with my husband abnd step children before he left for the last time I prepared the big lunch with all the trimmings then said goodbye. I cleaned up and then got in my car to go to my mother, feeling very sad. Just out of Busselton I stopped to pick up a very bedraggled looking man - no shoes a big, black overcoat, very thin and dreadlocks - he looked a bit scary, but I knew there were no buses on christmas day - i had to stop. I then experienced the most amazing journey I have taken. He questioned my sadness & told me instead about celebrating all that I had gained from the relationship that was over. He talked to me about destinations & dreams. He told me his story & the drive to Perth was very quick. I had to stop in Mandurah to see my sister and she was appalled to see my passenger - she rang my Mum when I left who calmly told her that I had "angels travelling with me". Mum was right - that day I had an angel inmy car and ihave been forever blessed.