Monday 19 November 2012

Guided Meditation

In our fortnightly meditation groups, we have explored many different styles of meditation. As is to be expected, people have found their own personal favourite styles. This can make it very difficult to cater for people within the group. Some enjoy contemplative meditation and others find the silence too much, preferring reflective music in the background. Tomorrow, I have decided to use a guided meditation for the groups.

Guided meditation is quite a different approach. With many types of meditation we are trying to leave all thoughts behind and simply be in the presence of God. In guided meditation there is a deliberate move to engage the imagination of those meditating in order to take them on a journey deeper within themselves. Images and story are used to guide people into a deeper reflection of life.

I have experienced guided meditation many times. Sometimes it has been a very positive experience and other times it was not. I am convinced that there is a craft to creating a guided meditation. There needs to be a balance between providing enough imagery to allow people to picture the journey for themselves. There needs to be, however, enough space for each person to create their own journey in their mind's eye. Providing too much detail can exclude people and isolate them from the journey. It is a fine line.

I have found a helpful site that has a good article about writing a guided meditation. Click here to take a look. I haven't decided exactly what journey I will take people on tomorrow. I am thinking a journey across water. There are so many opportunities for depth and reflection when on the water. The water may be still or tumultuous, deep or shallow. 

It is always a privilege to lead people on a journey, but even more so when it is an inward one.


  1. Guided meditation instructions can be of numerous varieties depending upon the techniques being imparted by the instructor. Some of the most popular meditation techniques used in guided meditation are Vipassana - which involves contemplation on breathing process, visual imagination, mantra recitation, dancing meditation, prayer meditation and mindfulness meditation etc.

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  2. Thanks for your comment Sonia. The style of meditation I was talking about in this post was visual imagination.