Sunday 25 November 2012

The New Year's Eve of the Church Calendar

Today is the last Sunday of the church year. Next week Advent begins a new year. The last week of the church year is the Sunday when we look at what it means for Christ to be King or what the reign of Christ might look like. I love the fact that it is like the New Year's Eve of the church. It gives us the opportunity to look back at the year that has been and to look ahead in hope.

There is a lot of talk about the Kingdom of God throughout the Gospels. Jesus tries to get through to us that God's way or God's desire for how we live together is vastly different to the ways of the world. We see snippets of this kingdom when communities and families are at their best. I guess, we could say that the reign of Christ is God's vision for the world and its people. 

This Sunday is an opportunity for me to take the time to look back at the year and see how well I have captured the vision of God's Kingdom in my life. Hopefully there will be things I have done better than last year, but I know that there will be lots of room for improvement. I may not make any New Church Year Resolutions, but I certainly need to recapture the vision once again.

Bill Watterson - Calvin and Hobbes

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