Tuesday 30 October 2012

Personal Principles

On Thursday I am travelling to Perth for my last day of the Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction. It has been quite a journey. Not only have I learnt a lot, but I have also grown a lot in my own spiritual life. The most significant change for me has been my increased confidence in what I believe and how that affects my living. It has been a liberating and confronting journey. Some things that were important to me at the beginning of the course, now have little meaning. Others that were given a low priority, I now cannot live without. 

Coming to the end of a programme that has sustained you and given you the structure you need can be daunting. Will I be able to continue in the same way? Will I slip back into old habits? I hope not. And that is why on Friday I am attending a workshop to identify the principles I choose to live by. My hope is that I can be very clear in defining my principles and this will seep into everything I do and say. Perfect timing!

It is not just about priorities and setting goals, it is much more than this. I believe identifying my principles for life will assist me in living a life of integrity and purpose. I am hoping it will help me to engage in activities that give me energy and use the gifts that I have. Some people might use the language of "call" or God's will in my life. For me, it is more about being true to the person God created me to be. Part of my discovery has been realizing that much of my life has been spent being the person that everyone else expects me to be. Living up to people's expectations now seems like hard work. 

I am excited about stripping back all the facades and masks and just being the person that God made me. Funny how it sounds so simple, but its so difficult. Sometimes its easier to put in the hard work to be someone else than it is to let go of success, ego, the need to liked and just be. In some ways its a pity that I need to attend a workshop to help me to remember to be me. I guess that is human nature. I'll let you know how the workshop goes.

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