Monday 29 October 2012

Mandala workshops

I had some initial discussions today with leaders in two churches about planning an introductory mandala workshop for their groups next year. It is very exciting to be contemplating sharing my passion for mandalas for the love of it, rather than for research. I am planning a 3 hour workshop that will include an introductory presentation, individual creation of mandalas and some time to share about the experience at the end. I am hoping that some of the people attending these workshops may like to join "A Mandala a Month" as well. There has been some interest in this idea and I am looking forward to seeing the unique creations that will be made throughout the year.

I see this as a wonderful way to extend my ministry and support my congregations financially at the same time. I plan to write a summary of different workshops that can be offered on this site. If you are interested in any of the ideas you have seen on this blog or you want to get a group together, let me know. 

I am really excited about the possibilities ahead of me in 2013.

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