Thursday 13 September 2012

Wells and Deep Waters

I discovered, this week, that the Assembly promote the month of September as 'Interfaith September'. In WA we have always concentrated on a different theme for this month, so this is very new to me. Interfaith sharing and learning had been a passion of mine for quite a while. My thinking has developed from a healthy intrigue to a desire to learn from other faiths for the benefit of my own spiritual journey. 

So, in honour of Interfaith September, I decided to reflect on my own faith journey and how it has benefited from other faith traditions. I have written a poem that tells of the journey of discovering my own tradition and the common depths beyond it. Some may not agree with my thoughts. I don't need you to. The well is of extreme significance in my life because it has lead me to the deep living waters of God.

The Call of the Well

For many years,
I let down my pail often
to capture a dribble
of much craved elixir.
I returned with frequent
to devour my daily dose.

Curious to find it's source
I one day clambered 
into the well.
Feeling my way gingerly
each block of stone
demanded my attention.

With heed not to slip
or misplace my step,
I became one with the well
almost forgetting the spring
that had called me to enter
and lured me deeper.

Tired of the climb
but no way to turn back,
I released my hold
and fell with abandon
into the mysterious darkness,
plummeting into cool waters.

I no longer soberly sip.
I drown in the deep unknown.
Fellow swimmers from distant wells
submerge and dive about me.
Splashing in joyful discovery
I am home.

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  1. Beautiful Cathie. It is amazing how often I cling on carefully when I know that letting go and submerging would be so much more fun. This poem encourages me to have faith and let go earlier. Thank you for a great blog.