Friday 28 September 2012

Sixteen Years Ago

Sixteen years ago today, my bags were packed for my honeymoon in the beautiful South West town of Margaret River. Today, we now live in that wonderful part of the world with our two children. A lot has happened in those 16 years of marriage. As Guy and I had breakfast together this morning, he asked me "So what's been the highlight?". I told him that was impossible to answer. We have spent two years living in Tonga together. We have traveled to England, Europe, New Zealand and Tasmania. We had a boisterous puppy for a few years. We had two gorgeous children who have changed our lives. We have lived in eight  (soon to be nine) different houses. So how can I possibly choose a highlight?

Guy and I started our relationship as best friends. We have always seen this as a huge bonus. Before all the romance kicked in we already thought the world of each other on a different level and this has never stopped. We've certainly had our ups and downs throughout the years, but our solid friendship has always remained. 

So in reflection, the highlight of the last sixteen years is not an event or a trip or even the birth of our kids - it is the constancy of our relationship and our love. 'Enduring', 'steadfast' and 'dependable' might not be the most passionate words to describe a marriage, but they are certainly what I value in Guy. I am truly blessed to have a constant companion with which to travel through this journey of life.
Happy Anniversary Guy!!

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