Friday 14 September 2012

Beautiful Imperfection

This afternoon I had the privilege of chatting on Facebook with one of my Form 3 English students from Tupou College back in 2001. One of his first questions was, "Do you remember me?" We reminisced about our English class; the funny moments, the naughty students, the Oliver musical and much more. I asked after some of the students I could remember and he told me who was married, who had children and who was still living in Tonga. He told me he had a girlfriend and maybe one day would get married. I was amazed when he told me that the year I taught him English had a great impact and he would like it if I could conduct his wedding ceremony one day when he decided to get married.

I always find it humbling to find out what people remember about you and how it differs to what you think they may have remembered. It reminded me of a video clip that I find very moving, titled "The Funeral". How would you like to be remembered? This clip shows beautifully that it is not our successes, or rewards, or how many degrees we hold that matters - it is our relationships. 

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