Monday 12 August 2013

Uncovering treasure in Jerusalem

I am about to begin Day 6 in Israel. We have been going none stop seeing all the sights and soaking in the atmosphere of this place. I have struggled to keep up with writing in my journal and really have not had a lot of time to process what is happening in me while so much is happening around me. Today we are leaving Jerusalem to venture further afield. As we move into the desert and then to the shores of Galilee I am hoping to have a little less of an assault on the senses to start to try and reflect on what this place, the experiences and the people have given me.

I feel a little like I have been given a precious gift, but have not unwrapped it yet. This is the sort of gift that you cannot rip the paper off, it needs to be uncovered in time with care. I have written down some headings of some stories that I know have special significance. I don't know how long it will take to discover the story beneath the story. I guess it is a bit like many of the archaeological sites I have seen. Little by little and with patience treasures are found.

So as I leave the magnificence of Jerusalem behind, my bags are a little heavier and my heart is certainly richer.Farewell Jerusalem!

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