Thursday 10 October 2013

Rachel - Midwife of Change

The theme for the recent Common Dreams Conference was "Midwives of Change". Since returning from the conference a couple of week's ago I have been reflecting on what this theme might mean in my own life. There have also been some moments in my ministry where I have felt like I am playing the role of midwife in people's spiritual journeys. An amazing privilege! Out of these reflections I have written a poem that encompasses some of the feelings and realities of being a "spiritual midwife" at the births in the lives of others. For whom are you a midwife?


Rachel, come quickly,
the moment is nigh.
The moaning and writhing begun.
Gather your healing herbs,
sing soothing songs.
Come quick in the dead of the night.

Rachel, speak sweetly,
while watching the pain.
Stand by and let nature give birth.
Offer your wisdom,
keep light for the lamps.
Speak sweet in the soul's darkest night.

Rachel, hold closely,
the woman bears down.
New life is rearing it's head.
Mop her wet brow,
take the heat of her fear.
Hold close to your heart through the night.

Rachel, leave swiftly,
the babe's wailing now.
Mysteries of child birth realised.
Mother and child
did not notice you leave.
Leave swift, the dawn breaks out of night.